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Simon Flips

Simon Flips puts a new twist on the old light game.
Just to make it a little more challenging there are four levels of play. Unlike the old Simon game there are SEVEN possible moves. One for each of the iPhone possible positions plus Shake. This includes UP (portrait), LEFT site up, RIGHT side up, DOWN (upside down), SCREEN FACE UP, SCREEN FACE DOWN, and SHAKE. The additional moves beyond the basic 4 in the old light game may sprain your brain.

EASY - This level blinks arrows on the screen at a leisurely pace then you have to repeat the process by orienting your device in that order. If your brain is running slow you will even get a 2 second warning if you don't move before the time limit for your move expires.

HARD - This level works like the EASY Level but you don't have as much time . . . and you don't have any warning if you have not made a move. Moves are shown on the screen faster than the EASY level so pay close attention.

AUDIO - This level does NOT show you any moves on the screen but speaks them. This becomes very challenging since there is no visual queue on how to move the phone. This level makes your brain change the audible words into actions and directions.

MARATHON - This level works similar to the EASY Level BUT beating the level is based on time not the number of moves. The Marathon Level will give you a real workout and you will have to memorize potentially hundreds of moves. The good news is the move sequence never changes. There are two ways to play this level. You can see all of the moves from the beginning or show only the newly added move for the current round.


OpenFeint lets you share your scores with your friends and see how you compare to the Simon Flips community. High scores for each level are recorded as you reach a new high.


There are three achievements in each level. You receive a new award when you record consecutive moves without a mistake for that level and achievement score. Achievements are also recorded in OpenFeint for your bragging rights.

Achievement Levels for Easy, Hard, and Audio levels:

SHAKER - 25 moves
VETERAN - 50 moves
LEGENDARY -100 moves

The Marathon Level has a twist. Awards are NOT based on move counts but the ability to play continuously for 5, 10, and 15 minutes. You will probably end up cheating by writing down the moves for this level.


Simon Flips can optionally play music on all 4 levels just to add a little distraction. The tracks match the mood of the level and add some urgency for the faster levels.


The Shake move can sometimes on some devices create an extra challenging move and there is an option to turn it off. Sometimes it causes problems based on the move before or after the Shake. Shake can be mastered if you make your moves deliberate and do the Shake move in the same physical orientation of the previous move. Most people tend to turn the iPhone right side up after a Shake move and that can be misinterpreted.

The game beeps after each successful move so if the screen is not visible (last move was face down) you will know to start the next move. The game also has an option to vibrate so you can feel when to make the next move. Turn down the speakers and turn on vibrate and you could play silently if you want. Want to kill some time in a boring meeting? You didn't hear it from me.


Make sure you make your moves deliberately. Being jerky and quick can be misinterpreted as the wrong move, especially Shake.

So if you are up for the challenge ... Get Flippin'

Thanks to:  Biffy of Beebe Games for the graphics   and   Bob McClain for the voices
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Simon Flips is a crazy version of the old blinking lights game ... with a new twist. With Simon Flips you will Flip Turn and Shake your iPhone, iPod, or iPad rather than push light buttons. Maybe this sounds easy but your brain will tell you different.

Mobile app developed with Corona SDK for iOS and Android

Simon Flips