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SimplyBASICsoftware is a different kind of software company.  We believe software should be simple to use and the tools to develop it should be simple.
Mark L. Strickland, Security+

Information technology professional with broad expertise in business at strategic and tactical levels.  Experienced at many levels from single location companies to large multi-location matrix management international organizations.

• IT Security
- Security+ certified.
• LAN/WAN/Wireless Networking - Experience with firewalls, routers, intrusion detection and prevention, PEN testing.
BackTrack - Experience with the open source security tool set BackTrack for security testing and analysis.

Systems Administration
Windows Active Directory / UNIX / Linux / Apple OSX / VMWare - Hands on system administration experience.
SQL Database Experience - In depth understanding of relational database concepts, pragmatic view of normalization, and hands on SQL Query skills.

Software Development
Software Development Skills - Windows API level experience, Web development, and iPhone development (PowerBASIC, VB.Net, RealBASIC, iPhone SDK).
Extensive experience with ERP rollouts - SAP and a variant of Baan.
Pragmatic Agile Software Development - Created our own “brand” of Agile Software Development that employed that fits our simplified philosophy.
Custom Wireless Barcode Application - Developed a custom barcode application for a high velocity manufacturing process.
Custom ERP - Architected a custom ERP to manage customer orders that helped enable the company to handle 40% compounded yearly growth.
Custom Data Warehouse - Architected a custom Data Warehouse application to analyze student behavior in online class for the creation of a retention tool to help predict student drop outs before they happened.
Data Conversion Experience - Extensive data conversion experience with a variety of data sources and targets.

Business and Technology Management
• Business Process Mapping - Extensive and practical experience in business analysis and process mapping using a unique giant wall chart technique to engage stakeholders and find hidden interface issues.
Project Management - Pragmatic view of project management with experience in large and small projects.
Multi-faceted Systems Experience - Broad Information Technology experience including Voice/Data Networking,  Manufacturing Operations, Distribution, Engineering, Consulting, and company plant relocation.
Triage Management - The ability to sort out the truly important versus urgent that masquerades as important.

Extraordinary Leadership - Coaching, and team building skills with proven ability to motivate staff through ownership of their processes and development of consensus (
Multifunctional and Crossfunctional Team Leadership - Frequently lead teams from different disciplines and different countries with successful projects.
Comfortable and effective working with people from many levels - Including technical, management, and boardroom executives.
Savvy and Skilled Presenter - The ability to communicate complex concepts and ideas with clarity to a variety of audiences from entry level staff to CEO to Board Room Executives where English is a second language.
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