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SimplyBASICsoftware is a different kind of software company.  We believe software should be simple to use and the tools to develop it should be simple.

PowerBASIC is a really powerful dialect of BASIC.  Not only is is powerful it is FAST.  Faster than C++ and just about everything else you can use except assembler language.  On an AMD 3.0 Ghz machine a PowerBASIC loop can count to one BILLION in 1.3 seconds.  Try that with some other compilers.  And the EXE size is a tiny 10k (yes kilobytes).

We have a very large application built with PowerBASIC and it has OVER 600 screen controls and 300,000 lines of code.  It compiles into about 3.5 megs.

Another nice feature of PowerBASIC is the zero install.  Just copy the EXE, setup a shortcut, and it will run.  Zero registry changes (unless your app needs them).

Some things built with PowerBASIC
If you want some truly incredible graphics take a look at

FireFly is an IDE that is used with PowerBASIC.  It allows all of the elegance of PowerBASIC to shine yet you can create just about any level of GUI sophistication you need.  This tool creates a visual programming environment that is incredibly productive.  It can be used to create stunning visual applications without a huge learning curve.

XOJO allows development of a single source code package that will compile for Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux without changing a single line of code (provided you don't use any OS specific features).  If you need to deploy on multiple platforms this development environment is second to none.
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Marketing?  Microsoft is pretty good at marketing but it does not mean all of their software tools are as good as their marketing expertise.  If you are a bit open minded there are lots of tools that follow the SimplyBASICsoftware philosophy ... Keep It Simple.

All of our mobile applications are now being developed in Corona.  It is an amazing tool.  You can write a physic based program in eight lines of code and have falling objects that bounce around the screen with real world physics.  The SDK has an unlimited trial period.