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SimplyBASICpharmacy For New Customers

Due to the announcement by PowerBASIC that all future development has ended the SimplyBASICpharmacy package developed and marketed by SimplyBASICsoftware will no longer be actively marketed for new customers but existing customers will be fully supported.

The SimplyBASICpharmacy package was developed in PowerBASIC.  And due to the death of the owner of PowerBASIC new development for that programming language has stopped.  The assets of the PowerBASIC company have been purchased but we are considering rewriting the SimplyBASICpharmacy system in some other software development tool.
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Xojo Web Application development has become a speciality.  Xojo Web Apps have the flavor and functionality of a desktop app but run over the Internet.
SimplyBASICsoftware is a different kind of software company.  We believe software should be simple to use and the tools to develop it should be simple.
  Apple OS X

  PowerBASIC and FireFly
  XCode - iPhone
Corona - iPhone & Android
  And a little dot Net
We have done a substantial number of data conversion projects.  Each one is unique and we have the broad skills to be successful.  Call us to look at your project.
Mark Strickland is our Chief Software Engineer.  His experience spans systems and companies large and small.  ....Bio
Custom Software Development
If you need some custom software development we may be able to help.  With our Simple Is Better philosophy it may cost less than you think.
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PowerBASIC Status
Since the death of the founder of PowerBASIC, Bob Zale, the long term viability of this great tool has become limited.  An announcement in November 2016 seems to point to the fact all future development has ended.